Gospel Fluency Handbook: A Practical Guide to Speaking the Truths of Jesus Into the Everyday Stuff of Life written by Jeff Vanderstelt and Ben Connelly offers valuable insight for the Christian experience (Gospel Experience). The eight week study includes reading, verse meditation and application, reflection questions, group discussion, and group exercises. Unfortunately I did not participate in a group study. I read through the book by myself, nor did I take the time to answer the reflection questions. However, I believe that this book would make an excellent group study. I found the handbook very practical and was blessed by the content. I would enjoy a group study. Bible study should improve whenever it involves community engaging in honest reflection, dialogue, and discussion. The handbook includes a code  that enables access to videos by the author. The videos enhance the study, I enjoyed the videos more than the reading, probably because I read through the book myself without a missional community, a community similar to the author’s practice and suggestion.

The concept of becoming fluent in gospel language is biblical. The gospel should permeate every area of our lives. I appreciate the author’s counsel to live and speak the gospel at work, through parenting, and community. Careful meditation on the truths within this handbook can help the Christian, and the local church to become gospel centered, honestly, isn’t that appropriate and expected for Christ followers?

The authors identify the goals of the book in the introduction; “The first goal of the Gospel Fluency Handbook is to help you become fluent in the gospel-in other words, to help you move from unbelief to belief, in whatever area(s) of your life you find it difficult to believe God’s promises, and live according to that belief. The second goal, which we hope naturally flows from the first, is to help you speak the truths of Jesus into the everyday stuff of life as we together become a more gospel-fluentpeople.” (Introduction P. 2)

I received this handbook in exchange for an honest review (Litfuse Publicity Group). I have written an honest review.